W.AM. Collins Income Pool

The W.A.M. Collins Income Pool tactically positions the portfolio in a low-risk combination of income-producing securities, such as dividend paying equities, real estate investment trusts (REITs), preferred shares,  corporate and government bonds to generate high rates of interest, dividend income, and some capital appreciation. This is an income fund and we have the ability to move throughout the different income realms so that we can achieve the most steady and consistent return.

Composition & Target

The target mix includes North American equities, third-party funds with global income managers, preferred shares, REITs, and government or corporate bonds. To generate additional income and reduce risk, the manager may write call options on individual equity positions when appropriate to earn extra income. Currently, the fund is invested in securities that are targeted to earn income at an average rate of greater than 4%. Our objective is to grow this to a target of 5-7% after expenses.

Note: The pie chart is a close representation of the Q2 2019 F Class Asset Allocation.