Laurier Private Equity Pool

Reduce Your Risk, Increase Your Return

The investment objective of the Fund is to achieve long-term capital growth with reduced volatility, by investing in a diversified portfolio of private investments, primarily through investments in alternative investment funds but including direct investments in private companies, in each case based primarily in Canada and/or the United States. As it is intended that the Fund has low correlation to publicly traded securities, investors may use the Fund as a means to diversify their total portfolio holdings.

To achieve the Fund’s investment objectives, the Fund will adopt a fund-of-funds strategy and seek to invest primarily in a portfolio of selected third party pooled investment funds (“Portfolio Funds”) managed by experienced alternative investment fund managers that have strong track records and financial interests that are closely aligned with those of their investors. The Fund diversifies its investments by developing a portfolio that includes Portfolio Funds focused on a variety of industries and regions and at various stages of their portfolio companies’ business life cycle. The portfolio will not be subject to geographical or industry sector restrictions. However, it is intended that the Fund will invest primarily in Portfolio Funds holding investments in companies and assets based in Canada and/or the United States. To further support liquidity, the Fund may also invest in other non-equity related investments that the Manager deems suitable.