Boston Institutional Pool

Fidelity Investments Canada (FIC ULC) is part of the global investment organization known as Fidelity Investments, and the Portfolio Manager of the Fidelity Strategic Balanced Institutional Trust, held within the Boston Institutional Pool. With over 50 years of global history and more than 30 in Canada, Fidelity is one of Canada’s largest multi-asset investments firms, with over $145B in assets as of June 30, 2020. The firm has a long history of managing Canadian institutional accounts for investors such as endowments, foundations, and pension plans.

Through its investment in Fidelity Strategic Balanced Institutional Trust, the Boston Institutional Pool gives Harbourfront Wealth Management retail investors rare access to an institutional investment strategy. Investors must be accredited or qualify for applicable exemptions where available. The objective of the pool is to seek capital growth and income while managing risk by diversifying across a broad range of asset classes, including equities and fixed income securities.

The strategy of the pool targets 60% in Canadian and non-Canadian equities, and 40% in fixed income securities, and is also structured to provide an opportunity to invest in a broad range of asset classes, including global real estate, international small-cap equities, and short and long duration government and
corporate bonds.

Fidelity’s Global Asset Allocation (GAA) team provides investment value through research, portfolio construction, risk management, and ongoing asset allocation. The team partners closely with portfolio managers to provide key insights at the macroeconomic, quantitative, and fundamental levels while tapping into the knowledge of Fidelity’s equity and fixed income research professionals across the globe.