Rockridge Private Debt Pool

Increase your return, not your risk.

The investment objective of the Rockridge Private Debt Pool is to achieve consistent risk-adjusted returns with low volatility, primarily by investing in third-party investment funds that hold a diverse portfolio of actively managed private debt and real estate-related private equity investments based primarily in Canada and/or the United States. As it is intended that the Fund will have a low correlation to publicly traded securities, investors may use the Fund as a means to diversify their total portfolio holdings.

To achieve the Fund’s investment objectives, the Fund will primarily employ a fund of funds investment strategy; however, some portfolio investments may be direct. Specifically, the Fund will invest primarily in a portfolio of third-party investment fund (“Portfolio Funds”) (such as bridging and factoring funds, mortgage investment corporations, REIT’s, infrastructure funds, and other private debt and private equity real estate funds it deems suitable) that in turn will employ various private debt and real estate related strategies, including asset-based lending (“ABL”) to companies, mortgage lending, mezzanine lending, and direct investments in real property.

“Investors are setting dedicated private debt targets for what has now become a key incoming producing portfolio slide for large pension funds and family offices alike, as well as other investor types in between.” – Ryan Flanders, Preqin


Goodbye 60%/40%, high-interest rates during the 80s and 90s supported the case of the “balanced” portfolio. Today, volatile equity markets coupled with increasing interest rates and low return bonds have created headwinds for the investment community. 


Hello 40%/40%/20%, Factoring and Real Estate, Mortgage Investment Corporations and Bridge Loans may provide portfolio stability with equity type returns.

  • Mortgages
  • ABL & Factoring
  • REIT