Director of Fund Operations and Compliance


Who we are:

Willoughby Asset Management Inc. is a member of the Harbourfront Group of Companies, a dynamic industry leader specializing in financial services and wealth management. We are a fast-growing enterprise providing financial services and holistic wealth management solutions for mid to high-net-worth individuals. At Willoughby and the Harbourfront Group our core values start with the belief that great people make great companies. Our head offices are in downtown Vancouver, B.C. and Burlington, Ontario and we have over 20 branches across Canada.

Job Profile:

The successful candidate will manage the Fund Operations team and oversee compliance activity relating to the funds managed by Willoughby Asset Management Inc.; in this role you will:

  • Oversee and continue to grow and develop the Fund Operations team that has oversight of: 
  • Review and approval of NAV and distribution calculations
  • Operational contact for all trading issues and advisor support
  • Tax slip preparation and delivery ▪ Calculation of the funds’ performance
  • Fund Investment Policy Statement review
  • Management of weekly, monthly and annual securities commission filings relating to OM funds; manage information and documentation flow and retention in that regard

Assist with the creation of funds

  • Legal liaison re structure and setup of funds
  • Creation of fund documentation in conjunction with legal advisors
  • Liaison with fund custodian and administrator re: setup and procedures
  • Review and analyses of conflict issues including documentation and disclosure
  • KYP presentations and organization of meetings and obtaining approvals

Oversee maintenance of funds

  • Liaison with fund accountants and custodian regarding programs for control of fund transactions
  • Ensure documentation filed in all provinces required, and appropriate registrations maintained for fund distribution
  • Annual review and update of all fund documentation and reports
  • Annual valuation review
  • Audit fund accountant calculations of management and performance fees
  • Run distribution program; liaison with fund accountants in this regard
  • Review and approve new fund of fund investments
  • Be involved in the funds’ annual financial statement preparation and review with auditors
  • Build deep knowledge of all investment products
  • Oversee monthly and weekly review of funds for operating expenses, performance, and redemption/subscriptions.
  • Connect with Willoughby Business Development Team on fund performance and development of fund products.

Conduct compliance and risk management oversight:

  • Ensure adherence to business conduct manual
  • Annual review and confirmation procedures
  • Annual update of compliance manual
  • Ensure PM supervision in place and established fund parameters are adhered to
  • IRC liaison, preparation of reports, meeting materials, year-end attestations
  • Ensure adherence to National Instruments relating to Mutual Funds
  • Obtain/assist with annual CCO report on fund operations
  • Review marketing material for adherence to regulatory and business policy and procedure requirements
  • Perform annual (or ad hoc) risk analysis of funds, including conflict of interest and liquidity risk
  • Serve on the Investment Committee promoting operational strategic collaboration and adherence to regulatory requirements across fund PMs

Marketing and Communication

  • Manage website postings (regulatory and marketing)
  • Audit/review performance calculations; assist compliance with marketing material review
  • Run the co-op program and provide IA liaison in that regard


  • All other tasks and projects as requested and agreed to relating to the general operations of Willoughby Asset Management and the Harbourfront Group of Companies.

Why it is great to work at Willoughby and the Harbourfront Group:

We offer our team members a dynamic, collaborative and family-focused environment. In addition to a competitive base salary, we provide:

  • Amazing opportunities for personal growth and development
  • Competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits
  • A supportive, engaging, tight-knit culture • A flexible location and work from home policy

At our firm:

  • We respond quickly and effectively to changes in the marketplace and seize new opportunities.
  • We trust each other and work in unison towards a common objective.
  • We prioritize clients’ needs.
  • We are encouraged to act, have a bias for urgency, a focus on solutions and are proud of our results.
  • We pioneer novel products and services.
  • We consistently act honestly and ethically.
  • We are rewarded for our results and development opportunities exist for all employees.
  • We treat each other with dignity and kindness.
  • We hold ourselves and each other accountable and say what needs to be said in a timely and respectful manner.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is an important value to us. We are committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and to providing a workplace which is free from discrimination and harassment. This means that all job applicants and employees will receive equal treatment regardless of race, colour, ethnic or national origins, sex, marital status, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, or belief. Please send a copy of your cover letter and resume to