Springfield Global Equity Pool

The Springfield Global Equity Pool is a global equity fund sub-advised by SIA Wealth – a registered Portfolio Manager, managing and sub advising over $800 million in client assets. SIA Wealth utilizes the proprietary Relative Strength software and analysis of SIACharts to manage assets.  For the Springfield Global Equity Pool SIA has a target allocation of 50% to broad-based global ETFs and 50% to individual North American Equities. The pool will follow SIA Charts tactical Equity Action Call (EAC™) cash rules.  For its ETF holdings, the fund will follow SIA’s Asset Class Ranking rules.

Diversified Portfolio Selection


5 broad-based ETF’s exhibiting high relative strength out of a universe of diversified broad ETF’s.


15 Individual Securities exhibiting high relative strength from a universe of North American Stocks.

  • ETF's
  • Stocks

Reasons to Invest

  • Bear Market Protection
  • Rules-Based Process – Unemotional decision making
  • Tactical Sector Rotation – Align portfolio with areas of strength in the market.
  • Affordable active management solution for stock and ETF exposure.