Castlefront Global Tactical Balanced Pool

Following a tactical asset allocation strategy, the Pool invests in third-party investment funds managed by world renowned portfolio managers who also follow a tactical approach. The underlying investment managers use a proven and successful approach with a long-term track record of out-performance
and lower than market volatility.

Unlike traditional mutual funds, the Pool has the flexibility to underweight, overweight and dynamically adjust sector weightings according to market conditions. Using a systematic process to simultaneously analyze a wide range of global equity and fixed income funds, the portfolio is weighted to areas of strength, opportunity and momentum to take advantage of market inefficiencies with the objective of generating higher risk-adjusted returns than each fund’s underlying benchmarks.

From time to time, the Pool may invest in other types of securities including stocks, bonds, ETFs, GICs, or other short-term, interest-bearing investments such as cash, bonds, gold or commodities.